Switching from Nikon D7000 to Sony a6000: 3 months later

  1. Dual SD card slot. I like the idea of “your picture will be safe unless you drop your whole camera into the water than it is just your fault” in a camera
  2. More buttons, easier control. Having more buttons on a camera just makes things much easier to use.
  3. A record button that is not in a crazy place. WTF are you thinking Sony? Please tell me the reason why you put that button on the side of the camera is because you guys are running out of space, instead of “Oh we tried other places and that is the best place to put it”. No one in the right mind thinks that is a good place to put a freaking record button!
  4. Comes with all the necessary accessories: flash mount cap, battery charger (not camera charger), a strap that does not cut into my flesh, you know, the usual.
  5. I don’t know if there is some problem with my card or what, but the image saving takes a really long time!?
  1. Battery life. Usually when I take the D7000 I don’t even need to charge it for a multi-day trip with just one battery, and for the a6000 I cannot do that, but it is still definitely enough to last me for 1 whole day with like 20–30% juice left. I guess that’s because I am already used to turning off the camera right after I took the picture. Yes the start-up time on the a6000 is not that great (because it has to fire up the lens and everything), but it is still mostly acceptable for me. Your milage might vary.
  2. Kit lens. I kinda have an idea of what I am getting myself into with this tiny kit lens: it takes time to fire up; the electrical zoom mechanism means when I am trying to zoom there will always be some delay; and the optics probably is not going to be great. But so after after editing about 500 photos on Lightroom, they are mostly good enough and the most annoying stuff like lens distortion and vignetting can be easily dealt with.
  3. EVF. From what I can tell I will still prefer OVF’s quality more in the next few years, but this EVF is definitely not too bad, and the added benefit of it capturing all the info directly from the sensor with all the adjustment for the current exposure settings kinda helps when constructing a shot.




if someone can give me a lesson of how to adult that’d be great thank you

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Louis Tsai

Louis Tsai

if someone can give me a lesson of how to adult that’d be great thank you

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