My plan to become more productive in a month

What’s the status quo

Work: 2D version of Einsenhower Matrix using Asana

An image of my wall with 5 post-it notes creating a grid, 2 for x-axis, 2 for y-axis, and 1 in the middle

Personal: “Whatever is closest to me” is a system, right?

What’s working

Separating work & person tasks is mostly good

Due date + Eisenhower sorting is actually not bad

What’s not working?

What are the options


Google Calendar everything, LITERALLY

Other apps/system/method that I have heard of/tried before

Build my own app

Jira!? 🤨

Actually, it’s Jira + Google Calendar

An obfuscated image of how I am using Google Calendar. Each event have at least 15 minutes gap between them, and they almost




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