Mental Models of Jetpack Compose #1: State & Programming Models

Generic representation of “mental model”. I don’t really know how to visualize this concept 🤷


  • When the flag checkCheckbox == true, then set a CheckBox to checked
  • When the List<User> changes, then set the ProgressBar to GONE, and set the RecyclerView to VISIBLE.

Programming Models/Paradigm

Imperative programming

Declarative programming

  • In SQL, you don’t write “go to the beginning of the user table, and extract 5 rows”, you just write “fetch 5 items from the user table”.
  • In regular expressions, you don’t write “split the input by ., and then count how many groups are there”, you go to StackOverflow and copy the most upvoted answer on “the rule of digits-dot-digits-dot-digits-dot-digits”, i.e. IP address.
  • And in Android layout (we are talking about xml here), you don’t write “add TextView to LinearLayout, and then add another TextView to that LinearLayout”, you write 2 TextViews surrounded by a LinearLayout.
  • JSON parsing with Moshi’s codegen
  • Data binding
  • And pretty much everything Gradle does




if someone can give me a lesson of how to adult that’d be great thank you

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Louis Tsai

Louis Tsai

if someone can give me a lesson of how to adult that’d be great thank you

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